Saturday, November 7, 2015


Any time I complete a project, be it with yarn paint or from your usual domestic goddess itinerary, it feels like such an accomplishment. A victory if you will.
I do not consider it a completed project until every last detail has been fulfilled. With regards to my knitting, that would mean all of the loose ends are tied in and secured.
Loose ends.
That could be applied to all my projects really.

Here are my completed Why So Serious? socks. The pattern, created by Jennifer Vancalcar

Now I am starting on a few Christmas knit items. I'm always a little late to this planning stage.
The beginnings of a mitten.

The pattern is Green Autumn and I found it in one of my Vogue Knitting magazines from 2008.
I can't wait until I get to the cable bits.

There are also non-knitting happenings.
Like this very unique situation:

For these two to be in such close proximity is truly amazing.
Napoleon (black) and Tom (orange) always to seem to have this epic struggle on hierarchy. Napoleon is constantly sneaking up on an unsuspecting Tom and smacking him repeatedly in the butt. Tom is forever on the look out for the crazy Napoleon who takes great pleasure in causing chaos at every possible moment. I just had to take a picture because I might never see this event again.

Meanwhile, Jackie forever struggles trying to carry items up stairs.

I usually just take whatever she wants up the stairs for her. It's little things like this that make her happy and I am happy to oblige.

I am off work this week end. I have no particular plans.
This is my favourite kind of week end!
I hope you are all well.

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