Monday, August 27, 2012

Reno Eating

I just thought I would post of video of Reno eating because I do not think it will be much longer until he is eating like a big cat.

Visit to the Yarn Shop

While my parents were visiting were visiting a little while back, my Mom made friends with a lady down the street. Apparently they made some sort of secret Mom deal to look after me. This deal included the nice lady to play in my garden. I did tell her that she is more than welcome to take any of the plants she sees. After all, it looks like a green mess to me. I cannot really tell the difference between weed and plant at the moment. She took me up on my offer very seriously. When I arrive home from work, I find the lovely lady in my garden mess of foliage, happily pruning back, removing weeds and earmarking some flowers and plants. In a matter of three days, this wizard has transformed a chaotic mess into an actual garden.
As a means of thank you, I am working on Mariposa.

This is the yarn I am using:

It is so awesome to work with. Just glides along the needles.

Last Pictures From Holidays

This was the view from inside the Gaspé Museum. The concept for the architecture was to make the outside blend with the surrounding outdoors.

I can remember when I was younger this sort of place would have bored me to tears. I guess I am maturing? Hubs and I both enjoyed exploring and looking at all the exhibits. Funnily enough for me, this was my highlight:

I think this can be knit into a wonderful top!

These are the Pico Falls, from one of our many nature walks:

Apparently over 40% og Quebec's Nature trails are located in this region. I did not know that.

These are some of the remaining pictures we took on our drive home.

I would do this trip again in a heart beat!