Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Are Adjusting

I finally feel more at ease at work. The language thing is still a work in progress. I manage to communicate and understand every one's needs fairly well. It does get interesting on occasion. As soon as it stops raining, I will be able to take some photos on my walk to work. On second thought, it will most likely be on my home. It is rather dark when I leave at night.
I am still trying to convert my driver's license from Ontario to Quebec. There is a slew of documents I require to prove that I did live in Ontario. There is another group of documents I need to show to prove that I now live in Quebec. If I had more energy and time, I would be writing letters to ask why we can't make our Canadian laws the same in all the provinces. I understand why there are differences. We pride ourselves on being a tossed salad verses a melting pot. Each province has it's own charm and history. OK. I understand. I'm just really frustrated that I have to prove I am a Canadian citizen born and bred in this fine country in order to continue driving through it's wonderful environment. This is making my adjustment a little difficult as I feel like a tourist in my home for the time being.
Let's switch to something more pleasant.
There are not many, but it is a small start.

I keep saying Napoleon loves broccoli. It was a surprise to me that he enjoys asparagus as well.

Rebel doing what Rebel does best...

Being a little curmudgeon and hiding until the coast is clear.

Napoleon playing with his new fuzzy brother Tom.

I think that about covers it for now. There is not much left to unpack. Three boxes of shoes, two boxes of books, one box of movies, one box of nick knacks...and that is about all that is left. Pretty impressive eh?

See you all later. :D