Friday, June 9, 2017

June Already!

Spring has just flown by.
Jackie and I have been enjoying the sun the past few days.
This morning I am trying and failing to explain why we are indoors.
Jackie does not like the term, "rain delay".

My craftiness has suffered the past few weeks as I was down and out with a horrendous cold.
We have tried to make up for my missing weeks these last few days.
With the gorgeous sun shining, we were able to explore our estate.

Some of us are confined to the great indoors and must watch from protected confinement.

It does not factor into Napoleon's way of thinking that he does not really like outside. Each time he has planned his escape, he gets as far as the edge of the deck, then morphs into a giant puff ball. If anything, he is a poster child for perseverance. He does not give up, ever!

I am out of the sock madness challenge.
The last pattern was a gorgeous mosaic knitting style.
It just left me baffled. I will frog the attempt and pretend it never happened.
I am currently working on on Jack of the Green.
It is the perfect pattern to go with my Mystical Moose, Moose Manor Hand Painting yarn.

I have mentioned this one before. It changes colour when placed under different light sources.

This is my work in progress so far:

It is a fun knit, especially if you love cables.

I also have new glasses! I'm lucky in that the strength of my eyes diminish ever so gradually. That being said, things were still a little too blurry for me to enjoy things, like watching hockey while sitting on the couch, feeling comfortable driving long distances, watching nature go by as I sit out on the back deck. I hate to miss anything. That is good motivation to get off my butt and get my eyes checked out.
So here is a very rare picture of me in my new glasses!

The lenses transition. I have never had this sort of eyeglass before. So far so good. I do enjoy the freedom of going outside and not needing my sunglasses to avoid the glare. The only downside I have experienced is driving. I still need proper sunglasses for driving. The roof and tint on the windshield prevent the lenses from doing that magical transition thing. So my sunglasses are having their lenses swapped out with my new prescription.

I have also started up on my oil painting again.

It still very much a work in progress but, I am enjoying the process.

My tomatoes and herbs are also in their respective places!

When my plants go in the ground or in the pots, that is how I know my summer has officially begun!

I'm still recuperating from my cold, but things are slowly coming together over here.
I hope you are well.
See you later. :)