Monday, April 13, 2015


After the seemingly long winter we have experienced: (I'm a little hesitant to say it. What the heck. I am in a gambling mood this morning),
Yeah!!! Spring!!!
Even the moon saw the sunrise this morning.

This was the first morning I saw Doves.

My tulips have started to make their shy appearance.

Tulips are funny creatures. I do mean creatures. They always seem to show up in a place of their choosing. I could have sworn I had planted those inside the confines of the garden. Maybe fairies replanted them, or squirrels. I like to think fairies though.

Yesterday really was beautiful.
We have no complaints.
Well, maybe Napoleon.
He is not thrilled with his captivity.

Jackie however, had a wonderful time.

We get to play now right?

All of my pots are ready for my herbs and flowers.
I have had my herb list ready since October.
This year I would to try and grow spinach.

With the warmer days, I do not seem to require as much sleep. I am able to take more time to work on my projects.
I have done a lot of cross stitching while binge watching Supernatural.

Because I am working with large chunks of colour, even the back looks good.

I put in a lot of pleasant hours on my painting.

It is just so fantastic to sit in my workshop with the window open and my music playing. I have been waiting since Jo finished my little room to experience this.

According the weather report for our area, the days are only going to get progressively warmer.
I think we will just sit here and enjoy the adventure.

Enjoy the start of the week everyone. :)