Friday, October 11, 2019


Good morning!
My gosh.
It`s so dark.
And quiet.
I like it.

I too have been quiet, and busy.
The days just flew past without me even noticing.
Before I knew it, it was time to flip over the page on the calendar.
Now it is October.

Things are rapidly cooling down.
My plants, that will not return next Spring are compost.
The last of the tomatoes have been harvested and munched before the chipmunk gets them all.
Preparations for Halloween are in the works.
It will be just me and Jackie this year.
The boy is old enough to hang out with his friends.
Hubs has a new job that requires him to work late evenings.
(He really does enjoy it!)
So I will be flying solo this year.

Special pumpkins have been selected and are currently on proud display on the front porch.
I`m checking out my stock of batteries.
I will need to purchase more.... and more candy. The boxes are strangely empty

On a more crafty side, I`ve been taking as many photographs as I can to prepare for the endless days of winter that will approaching.
The autumn colours are truly spectacular.
Jackie is always on board for a truck ride!

I`ve still been painting and drawing.
You can see in my work, the fall colours have influenced my choices.
This is a work in progress, oil painting.
I`m not totally sure in which direction i`m heading.
I guess it will be a surprise for everyone!

A completed watercolour titled, Autumn in the Hills.
We have a lot of hills in this region. They look majestic surrounded by the colourful scenery.
I tried to capture this concept.

I had not purchased any yarn for some time.
The last purchase I made was the Artful Arches package. Which I am still enjoying.

Recently, I purchased a gorgeous skein from Mothy and the Squid
They always have such gorgeous colourways. When I saw this one though my Facebook feed, it spoke to me.

It`s called Pumpkin Patch.
How could I not?

It`s starting to get a little brighter.
Time to start my day.
I need to try and convince Rorschach why the patio doors are not to be opened at five degrees, (Celsius)

Off for new adventures.
Have a great day everyone!