Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Night in My veins

Hello Everyone,
I do not really have any knitting or painting to discuss. I just want to tap away at my keyboard and try to get some things straight in my head. At the moment, it is quite crowded in my little noggin'. I have had a very emotional week. I am hoping I will better by the end of this rant.
On Monday, I walked into my office. Instead of being greeted by a "hello" or a "how are you", I was saluted by a "why was this not complete?" Normally, these little attacks just bounce off of me. For some reason, it really bothered my on this particular occasion. It had set my mood for the remainder of the day. I find that if you just say to me, "good morning", or whatever the time of calls for; I can deal with just about anything. This attack however, made me feel very under-appreciated and hurt. As a result, I was very abrupt with anyone I encountered. I have a very strong dislike for that sort of thing when it happens to me. I actually threw a minor tantrum and stormed out. It took me a good 15 minutes to calm myself down. I was on the verge of quitting. I probably would have, had I remembered to take my keys and coat. It does not make for a very glamorous exit when you have to return the scene, find keys, and then skulk away. I toughed it out for the day.
Hubby also had some excitement this week. He goes to a gym to do mauy thai kick-boxing. At one point, he actually trained to be a fighter. I am very spoiled and indirectly put a stop to this activity. I did not mind hubby going to the gym to work out or spar, or whatever it is they do at these places. I was upset that I was only seeing him for literally ten minutes a day. For me, this is not acceptable. I was very depressed. It felt like I was losing my best friend. In a way, it was just that. Hubby is ultimately my best friend. I tell him everything. I really do mean everything. He ended up injuring his hand. While waiting at the hospital for an x-ray, I believe he thought a lot about our situation and came to the conclusion, I really needed him more than what he was providing.
Anyway, I babble on. This past week, he was sparring at a gym with a beginner. From my understanding, the beginner slipped, and brought his knee to hubby's face. Needless to say, hubby's nose broke. So, we spent a very long time at the hospital. Hubby is a bit worried about his appearance. Trust me on this one folks, he has nothing to fear. He is still the gorgeous man I married five years ago.
Tomorrow, I will be a social butterfly. I am going to a progressive Euchre tournament. I went last year. I had an amazing time. You can chalk that up to the fact I won. I had the most lone hands and the highest amount of points among the women in attendance. As you can see, I hope to repeat that experience.
I feel much better. Thank you for allowing me to babble on and on and on.
I really do feel better. :)
Tomorrow I will snap some pictures on the progress of some of projects.
I hope you all are doing well. Take care.