Friday, September 4, 2015

Everything is OK

Everything is OK.
This has been my mantra for about a week now.
I had a bit of a scare earlier in the week.
Things were happening that I perceived as alarming.
The worse thing you can do is turn to google for help or advice. Of course, being me, that is precisely what I did.
That may have made things horrendously worse.
This is why in every couple, you have a yin and yang.
Jo is the voice of reason at the moment.
Last month I was the voice of reason, so it is his turn this month.
Rest assured, everything is OK!
Since my last appointment for the baby, I have learned many things.
I am allowed one or two cups of coffee per day. It truly is only one cup.

That is a very small cup of coffee. I used to be able to have three times the size of that!
I also have to stay away from mint and chamomile teas. I wonder if I have to avoid mint entirely or just went mixed with tea? Question for my next appointment.

I have completed my slipper socks.

I have also been working hard on my blanket.

Pinterest gave me an idea to sew an extra soft piece of fabric to the back side. I really like that idea. I have a design plan for the front which would leave a lot of ends to weave through. That piece of fabric can act like a security feature.

Little Man is back at school. The routine for Jackie and I is back to somewhat normal. When we venture out for our walk, we still have to stop if we see a giant yellow bus approaching. It might have our boy on board.

It hasn't been easy, but I have been making efforts to not worry about everything under the sun.
Everything is OK!