Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Little Project

This is what I'm working with:
Some very small beads. Seed beads I think, but don't quote me.

The part I find most difficult is actually threading the beads. It seems to take forever.

DMC thread.

Some drink skewers with a cork from a wine bottle.

I don't have a pattern. I just have an image in my head of what I would like it to look like when I am finished. I am trying to make a choker type necklace. I want it to be shiny and different.

The stitches are incredibly small, as you can imagine. I dread the thought of dropping a stitch.

I had to tape my fingertips. The "needles" are terribly sharp and went right through my skin. It didn't tickle. Not a pretty picture I know.
There is also another little glitch in my plan:

My creative assistant loves the taste of the cork and the beads apparently are tasty. I really hope he didn't eat too many. I also hope they go all the way through.

This is a back view. I think I will line it in some sort of soft fabric, perhaps a velvet or silk.
I've tried to leave a little border at the start to attach some sort of closure when I'm finished knitting. I'm thinking hook and eye clasps.
When I finally do finish, I will be sure to take a few pics.
I hope you all enjoy our Sunday. I'm off to watch some movies and fold laundry. Take care.