Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Look for Napoleon

Napoleon is not a happy camper. A more accurate description would be that Napoleon is a stoned little camper.
He is not allowed on the table and I captured his crime on film.
The vet removed about 5 inches from his tail last Wednesday. The care instructions are to give him his meds twice daily and remove the bandage the next day. The meds are not going down very well. Who knew 11.4 pounds of fuzzy fury could be so strong. Napoleon took it upon himself to remove the bandage a few stitches as well. So his little tail is still wrapped for the time being. Very soon we will be removing that blue bandage.
On the plus side, the drugs do make Napoleon very cuddly and less grabby grabby at poor Tom who has still have yet to learn to defend himself against the wild side of Napoleon.
On a less serious note, I have been doing a lot of knitting. I have made a lot of progress on my Monk's Travel Satchel.
I just have 25 more inches of the strap/gusset to knit and then a lot of sewing.

Yesterday I received my first package from the The Walking Dead Season 1 Club!
This skein is called a Boy and His Bow.
It also came with these two lovely stitch markers.

I also received my three adias fabrics for my future cross stitch projects.

Since today is my day off, I am enjoying my coffee, watching many episodes of Black Butler,
and continue to knit my my strap.

Enjoy your day everyone!