Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy Crapizoid Batman!!

So I have been busy. Quite busy. :D
It is a lot of new. I've been working on this post for a few days now. I'm trying to get straight in my head.
Maybe I should start at the beginning? It has been rumoured that is a very good place to start.
Sometime in November, I started talking with someone on Facebook of all places. He has the same name as me minus an "n", which I pointed out. So we chatted back and forth for a while. We clicked.
We visited each others homes back and forth. This is not exactly an easy feat as he lives in another province six hours away.
Fast forward a little bit.....
In two weeks I will moving to another province, with another language, new additional family members. I am even switching career paths. I am returning to what I used to do prior to what I do now. Confusing sentence yes, I know.
Tonight after work I am reserving a U-Haul. I have started to gather my things together for packing. At least this time it should go more quickly than the last time I moved. I cut down on a lot of stuff the first time. I am little overwhelmed. Actually, I'm a lot overwhelmed. I am actually coming down with a cold. That happens to me when everything seems to be spinning so fast. After plans have been made and I know what needs to be accomplished, I get sick. Everything will work out in the end. That has been my motto for the past few weeks.
I finally told my parents I would be relocating in a few weeks. They were surprised to put it mildly. While I was away for the week end, they telephoned my place several times. The first message they actually left was 20 minutes of them having a conversation of whether they had the correct the number. Napoleon had yanked the cord out of the wall and I didn't bother to re record anything. I just let the automatic voice do the magic.
Step Dad: That does not sound like Jocelynn
Mom: Is it a male voice? Maybe it's her friend?
Step Dad: I don't know
Mom: Does it have an accent?
Step Dad: No
Mom: Maybe we have the wrong number
Step Dad: Should we leave a message?
Mom: Not if it isn't the right number
Click. End of Message.
Two minutes later:
Message left on machine after a very long pause....
Jocelynn? It's your mother. Call us.
It always sounds like she is being held hostage somewhere when Mom leaves me a message. If my machine wasn't so old school, I'd figure out how to play it for you all.
The UHaul people were very nice and helpful. They showed me what sort of bar thing I needed to attach my truck so I can tow one of their trailers. Apparently I have a class 3 hitch? or maybe it's a receiver. I'm not sure. At any rate, it's a good hook up thing that I have on the back of my truck. At some point I will venture into Canadian Tire and locate that device they showed me. I am in uncharted waters for this adventure. I'm learning all sorts of terms and phrases. I may even learn how to correctly apply them in a sentence.
I'm not sure what else to say at this point. My coffee is finished so I am going to go out and get some cold medicine, tape gun, tape, hitch thingy and breakfast.
See you all later. :D