Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Recovered

We are all doing miles better. Rebel is no longer stoned, as far as I can tell anyway. My knee is back to looking somewhat normal. They are almost the same size again. I'm going to return to my schedule at the gym tomorrow evening. Napoleon is still traveling through the time and space continuum. Once in a while he settles close to his people.

I can tell Rebel is better because he is starting to get into mischief again, even though he claims otherwise. He is quite the clever creature.

Why what do we have here?

This looks interesting.

Tasty perhaps.

What do you mean I'm not supposed to be into this?

Then you shouldn't leave your things on the floor where I can see them!!

We went to Sparfest on Saturday. The husband had a few of his students in the event. Overall, they did none too badly for beginners. Here are a few pictures of the day's events. I'm thinking I may invest in a camera that takes better actions shots. The ones I took were very blurry. These are the ones that came out the best:

Oooooooh!!!! And most exciting of all...........TaaaDaaaa:

I finished my Entrelac Socks!

This yarn was fun. I know there are a few that would prefer to work with other types, but I just loved the weirdness of it. I found that while knitting earnestly away, I couldn't help but wonder which colour would make an appearance next. I even liked how it went from thin to chunky:

Overall, this was a fun little project. I would so use that technique again.

We are going to chill now and watch America's Next Top Model.

See you all later. :)