Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland

It has been snowing pretty steady for the last few days.
The week began all nice and calm.

Now we have about two feet.

Jackie is thrilled!

Tommy? Not so much.

After all that fun outside, Jackie and I are resting, knitting and making cookies!

The cookies I made are called Jell-O Cookies.

The recipe is super simple and the ingredients were already in my kitchen.
These made very excellent cookies!

I am still going very strong on my sock knitting obsession.

I completed a pair of Time Traveler Socks.

I have also started on another pair of Simple Skyp Socks.

These are my go to socks when I want relaxing knitting. The pattern is simple that you do not really need to count your stitches or pay too close attention to what row you are knitting. Perfect for binge watching Pretty Little Liars.

When I have sufficiently defrosted, I will venture out to the garage and continue on my painting.

I'm not exactly sure which direction I am heading with this painting but, I am certainly having fun trying to get there.

I hope you are all well.
Chat will you later.