Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Tonight I officially started that whole divorce process. We signed what I like to call phase one. From what I understand, the paperwork now gets sent to our nation's capital. Somewhere between six and ten weeks, the paperwork goes before a judge who will then sign off on it. There are more steps involved I'm sure, but that is the gist of the evening's events. This might explain that hyper anxiety I was feeling over the week end. When the actual signing took place though, I was strangely unaffected. I think I've just come to terms with the whole ordeal and I'm satisfied with how things are turning out. I've not felt this happy or relieved in such a long time it astounds even me and I'm directly involved.

I did finish up a knitting project this week end.

I hope the recipient likes them.

Napoleon is not really that impressed.

He does not like when I spend time with anything that is not him.

I was also working on toques for a client. I'm going to have to rip them apart....again. These little tykes have surprisingly large noggins.

I found a cheap attachment thing for my headphones for my PC at WalMart. I really missed my music. It helps keep track of time and just forget about whatever happening in the day. I guess the proper term would be an adapter of some sort. It has the pink and green ends that fit in the tower and another part that your headphones plug into. I'm very happy I found this little device. Now I can rock out into the night.

This is the song that stuck in my brain at the moment:

Catchy isn't it?

It feels like things are happening now. Soon I will have this little piece of paper that says I am no longer married. I'm good with this. :) A whole new set of adventures will happening. I am in a very good state of mind. :D