Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yeah!! I Have Arms

I'm just thrilled I can move my arms again to let you all know what I've been up for the past few days.

We went to the gym again the other day. We had a great time. No, really. We did. I swear. We were on the stationary bikes for about ten minutes. I like these. The have them strategically placed in front of the television broadcasting a marathon of The Bachelor. Is it just me or is this guy missing something? I can't recall the name of the man in question. I'm almost positive they were airing last seasons. The part that was upsetting me was when the attractive dark haired lady did not want to just jump in the hot tub in a very tiny swimsuit. The Bachelor, was telling the camera crew how ridiculous he found her shyness. I have news for you insert your very own nasty word here, if she is not giving up the goods to you as easily, chances are she is not giving them up to anyone. Be happy the girl has a set of standards. After ten minutes of cursing The Bachelor, we went into the aerobics room and used those giant balls. Balance is not my friend. I think I can come to terms with this. After a half hour of feeling very uncoordinated, we went back to my new favourite machine, the stationary bike. This time, I just cranked up my ipod. No more annoying little voices to distract me from the task at hand.
I'm just thrilled I can move my arms again to let you all know what I've been up for the past few days.

I have also recovered my long last tape measure:

If only my darning needle would make us aware of his whereabouts.

To celebrate my discovery, I've been knitting:

Can you guess what this is? I bet you can. As soon as I complete it, I will post some pics.

On Saturday, yes The Day for couples. We went to a dance that my work puts on every year.
I actually danced, (assuredly not like a frog in a blender)
In these:

To this:

So I leave with you that catchy little diddly and wish you a great night. Try to get that tune out of your head. I have given up and resigned myself to bang, bang, bang on the door...........