Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is Anyone There?

Did anyone else survive 21/12/2012?
Good! I did as well,

I even snapped a photo to commemorate the occasion.
With the survival of 21-12 out of the way, did you make through the Christmas season? Hopefully unscathed.
I worked. A lot.
But I really don't mind because it does take some of the stress away from the holidays. I am not obligated to keep up appearances at family gatherings until I am ready.
Here are just a few pics of our Christmas morning.
This would be after I walked through the door changed from scrubs to PJs.

I was ready on Boxing Day to have our little supper. This time I made sure to take pictures unlike Thanksgiving where I was so nervous I did not even want evidence.
Little Man's Loot,

Santa dropped off a little aquarium for Bluet the Beta.

The Shark was the highlight and was the subject of many photos!

The Little Man was indeed over the moon!

I have to show off my present!
Hubs made this!!

I almost do not want to use my cutting board. It is too much like a work of art for me. He made that happen though because the other cutting boards have mysteriously disappeared....

Sadly, Hubs was only able to open part of his gift. We have to wait for Canada Post to open so he can enjoy the other half.

After the chaos under the tree, I made a Christmas breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns. Little Man then went to his mothers to do things with that side of the family and I started the prep work for our big dinner.

Over the course of two days, my kitchen was in utter bedlam. I was true to my genes and used every dish, pot and pan in the house.
Photos best describe I think...

Cabbage and carrots shredded for the coleslaw,

done with my food chopper!

Bread cubed, with mushrooms, sausage, onions, various spices and beaten eggs for the dressing.

Spaghetti squash all chopped and ready to boil.

Same with the potatoes,

Finally the bird with all sorts of spicey goodness rubbed in..

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!


What do you mean?
It's done?

I didn't cause nearly as much damage as I wanted to...

Cheers! Here is to the start of a great New Year!!!