Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK, I Think It's Officially Summer

Today was one of the warmest days we have experienced in quite some time. I believe it went up to 30 C today. For those of you who complained about the cold, you are not allowed to complain about the heat. OK. You can. Whatever it takes to bring you relief. Since it has been a bit warm, I have not been knitting as much as I would like. I did correct my Boyfriend Socks:

...and put a good dent on a top I'm working on:

On a more hyper note, school is almost over the kiddies. You can tell immediately. They are positively attached to the ceiling of most environments. It is affecting me as well. I seem to be way more high strung than usual. With the end of the school term however, I have earlier hours to look forward to. I have to be at work for 08h00 as opposed to 09h30. That is the time I usually wake up at. It will take about a month to get used to the earlier hour. When I do finally adjust, it will time for my holidays. I am very excited. We have a place reserved at Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge. It has been quite some time since we have actually gone anywhere for holidays. Usually we stay pretty close to home. Due to my new found need for adventure, we are off exploring lots of wonderful places in Ontario.I'm hoping to also go on a few tours in Toronto. There is one called The Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto, and a tour of The Don Jail.
Just think, a few more days and the week end will be here. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and the heat does not get to you. See you all later.