Saturday, August 2, 2014


Since the other person was hired to help with the night shift, I have actually been able to do things I have been postponing.
Important things!
Hanging out with my family!

(alcohol might have been factor here...)

Just being outside and enjoying all those amazing things are showing up in my garden.

Found a place for my bat house.

That is the garage, not the house.

Checking in on the fruit and vegetables.

My carnivorous plant is finally taking root.

I finished my I Heart Socks.

The recipient was floored when she received her new socks.

I started a new sock project titled Whiplash Socks by RedScot.

It is one of the skeins from the Holiday Yarns, Heroes and Villains yarn club.

I think that summarizes my weeks.
All this recap makes me feel like I have accomplished a lot of items on my list.
It makes me HAPPY!!!!