Sunday, November 28, 2010

Storm is Threaten'....

My constant companion for the last three days has been a killer headache. It really halted my progress on anything. I suspect it is weather and stress related.
I also did a number on my hand. I wasn't paying attention and a little incident with a kitchen knife. :(

It's starting to heal.....finally. It made knitting quite awkward.

Oooh! speaking of knitting..Like that segue? I have completed two of my three Transformer Beanies!

Rebel approves.

With the colder weather about I have been looking at comfort food. This was my lunch today:

Tomato soup with Rye bread.

As a snack I had a pomegranate.

I love these things. You have to be very patient to eat them.

Well, I'm off to work on toque number three. Have a great Sunday everyone :D