Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Newest Member of Our Family!

Everyone meet Jackie!

She is a two month Australian Shepherd.
I had never heard of this breed before she wobbled into our home last week.
Right now she is a bit high maintenance, but we can see the difference daily as she gets used to the routine of our family.
The cats are not really sure what to make of her. Everyone however, is adjusting.
If I am unable to have human children, at least I can have fuzzy ones!

We spend a lot of time outside checking out the garden.

I do not really remember planting some of these, but I am happy they showed up in our garden.

Here is one of the Butterfly plants:

At work, I am the only person available for the night shift. This puts a cramp in much of my activities. I have managed to find a bit of time to knit. This is the progress on a slipper that someone has requested.

The yarn is phantex. I have two very large grocery bags with this newly acquired stuff. I'm trying to explore all sorts of slippers ideas. Something other than the ones that my grandmother knit. I really loved those but after 30 years I imagine there would be other patterns available yes?

Oh! I also made a strawberry pie

....and some very messy tarts:

I guess that covers everything.
I'm going to try and watch Vikings before the fuzzy child wakes up.
Have a great week everyone!