Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Bills :)

When I arrived home after a particularly long day, I found this is my mail slot:

I love when something other than bills greets me!

I ordered these online not too long ago from a site called Punk Knits. I am actually very surprised that they came so quickly. I was expecting them to take another few weeks. Mostly everything else I have ordered has been within the four to six week window. Not that I actually order very much. I have to be super careful. I can wrack up the charges before you can say visa.

I think I might actually build up some upper arm strength if I use them often. They are heavy suckers.

I'm working on another top. I was trying to take a picture of my progress over my lunch hour and this little fellow came into focus:

I'm not sure what he/she is, I should respect its privacy, but it stayed during my entire lunch break.

I hope you all have been surviving the week. The week end is in sight now. Have a good night.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whoooops :(

I was a little too exuberant with my Boyfriend Socks. It looks like I will be ripping back one or a dozen rows or so:

I zigged when I should have zagged.

Not a big deal. That will just give me something to focus on when we sit on the balcony tomorrow.

I have also finished my little project:

I'm going to write up the pattern and hopefully show you all what I created. I've never really done anything like this before. I'm very proud of myself.

Has anyone tried this Twitter thing? I keep hearing about but have not really understood what it is. It sounds like a sort of instant messaging type of deal. If anyone else uses this, let me know please what it is and if it is as much fun as all the adds suggest. :)

I love the Internet. It's filled with all sorts of interesting and bizarre things. I can be entertained for hours on end and not even realized any time has actually passed. It is like I've been sucked up into some sort of vortex. I have this tab on my toolbar for StumbleUpon. You click the button and it takes you to random places based on the preferences that you set up on your profile. For my interests, I get shot to sites focusing on art and culture, food, humour, travel, everything you can imagine really. It is a really neat thing you can use to draw inspiration. For example, I was taken to a Lego site. Here I was all proud when I built a house or a car. These creative geniuses have managed to duplicate Escher.

My parents were over for a visit today. It was a nice afternoon. We chatted for a bit, went out for lunch/supper, and just caught up on some things. It is sort of funny. Even though I am grown, I still like showing off all my new little toys or projects. It is just like when I was in kindergarten. This is my sock that I'm working on, those are the curtains I made, these are my cats.......
She still has the same expressions. She sits and smiles and says that is very good Jocey. Mom is the only one that calls me that. lol. Everyone else calls me either the girl, Joce or Jocelynn. I don't mind. At least they call me.

I'm going to watch Harper's Island and learn how to crochet. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. Good night everyone.