Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple Picking!!

and Comiccon!
We eventually made it to Comiccon in Monteal the other week end.
It is very difficult to explain to someone what Comiccon actually is if they have never had it a part of their culture.
At first I was just trying to describe the experience:
Well, it is a lot of like minded people coming together in one huge ass room to fawn over things that we grew up with and participate in discussions with people who are currently in that industry.

Like when I go to my tool convention?

Do you have people who dress up in costumes at tool conventions?

No. That would be weird.

Get ready for a whole lot of weird then.
Evil Grin.

We should follow them! I'm sure they know the way to Comiccon.
...and we have not even been inside yet!

The coolest vehicles evvvaaarrrr!

Nature even visits Comiccon.

Hawkgirl, Wonderwoman, Master Cheif were there as well, but we were a little to shy to have our pictures taken with them.

For some reason we were not too shy for these two.

So? How did you like your first Comiccon?

Next year can we dress up?


In our region, it is apple season.

This was the first time I ever participated because usually I have to work.

It does not take long to fill two very large shopping bags.

These are Honey Crisp.

I see a lot of baking in my future.
See you all later.