Sunday, December 5, 2010

There Goes My Week End :(

I hope you all enjoyed your week end. Mine was not very eventful. I just completed and started a few projects for the Christmas season.
Those not so little toques I mentioned earlier? They are out of my home now and hopefully will make some little brains toasty. :D
I completed my first ever tea cozy:

Not too shabby eh? It was meant to be a plain brown cover. I don't really do plain. I add a few details. I do not think the future owner will mind.

I started a striped scarf for another friend:

It cannot be just a plain scarf though:

Ta Da. An illusion scarf in the works. This one is of a dragonfly. I love this technique. I hope the recipient does as well.

So it was a quiet week end for my and the fuzzies. We caught up on a lot of our television shows and even found time for a nap:

I hope the Christmas season is not too overwhelming for you all. I know it can affect me if I let it. We all just have to keep in mind the idea behind the holiday. It is about family, reflection and good times. Not all these can be purchased or wrapped very easily. Just make sure the people that need to, know how much you appreciate them. That does not have to have a monetary value attached.
Enjoy the start of the week kind folks. I know I will try my best to enjoy my week. :)