Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's a helluvalot new going on in my life. My astrological sign is Cancer. We tend to not really like change. I think it ties in to our homebody nature. Anyway, I'm moving over the week end to my new place. It's a bit smaller than what I live in currently, but it will just me and the two fuzzy children, so no worries. I've just finished calling the cable and phone people to set up some for the installation in my new place. The phone one is the easiest. You don't even have to be home. They do it remotely between such and such a time. The cable and internet is another issue. I have to be home on a certain between morning and evening. Helpful isn't that? We actually started moving my gear on Tuesday. All the anxiety of a new home is slowly going away. I can start to visual how I want things placed. I'm trying to scale down and take only what I need and crave. Turns out, that is a bit difficult than I imagined. I also took a big girl step and decided to do something about my credit card. I'm getting a loan with a way lower interest rate and more predictable payments. This helps me out a lot!
They showed our little apartment to a possible tenant last night. This bothered me huge. I hate when strangers invade my personal space. Please refer to the link on Cancer, lol. It felt weird to have someone looking at your stuff and trying to picture their stuff in its place. It brings home the idea of all this change going on.
I'm actually starting to relax a bit with regards to my new home situation. I can visualize what will happen from on. I have lived on my own before. I did quite well. I do know what I'm in for and I look forward to the challenge.
Speaking of new.........

New boots! I had to retire the other ones. The zipper could no longer serve it's purpose. These are quite similar to others with the only difference being they are taller. They are uber comfortable.
I've also been in a weird quieter mood when it comes to music of late. This is my new favourite song:

I think that about covers it. I'm going to head in for a shower and then watch Modern Family. I'll of course be packing up more stuff during the night. I hope the week has been to good to you all. See you later :)