Sunday, August 29, 2010

Was a Busy Day

Well not really. I cooked, painted and watched television.
There really isn't much noticeable progress on my painting. I just went in and cleaned it up a little.

The cooking thing is far more interesting.

This is what I started with:

As you can see, we have some white wine(some for the sauce, more for me), Cremini mushrooms, sugar snap peas, scallops in that little baggie, Parmesan cheese, fettuccine, Alfredo sauce, and garlic.

First I put a gob of margarine in my wok. I don't have that many pans. I make do with what is in my cupboard. Once that was melted, I tossed in my chopped up garlic. I waited for that to brown, took it out, then added my peas. I waited a little more, then tossed in the scallops and mushrooms and added some wine.
It looked a little like this:

While that is doing its thing, I cooked up my pasta and heated the sauce. By this time I start grating my Parmesan. By the time I'm done that little task, my pasta is just about complete.
I remove everything and put it in a bowl.
It might not look that pretty, but it was very tasty.

While I was out running errands yesterday, I noticed a very scary thing. The leaves are changing on the trees.

It caught me off guard. I was under the impression I had a few more weeks before that happened.

On a sad note; that little light is on in my dash. The mechanic that looked at my truck was a little emotional by the time I arrived there to collect my beast.
The problem was not the catalytic converters. The temperature going in is the same as going out. This is good. Those are expensive. The oxygen sensors seem to working as they should. Again, this is good money wise. The muffler was replaced. I knew this needed to be done. I couldn't sneak up on anyone if I was paid. Although I did sound rather bad ass. The scary part. The mechanic is not 100% sure what the problem is. It could be the main computer module (the brains of the operation if you will) that tells the engine and all its components what to do. This is the one I'm routing for. It is a tangible thing that can be replaced within reasonable price. The other idea is it is wiring. This would be very, very bad. I believe his suggestion was, if it is wiring, set it on fire and walk away. D: I could never do this. This truck has lasted longer than a marriage and I'm rather fond of it. It is one of the few things I actually own out right. As soon as I learn what the problem is, I will let you all know.

I hope you had a great week end. I'm off to the balcony with the fuzzy gremlins.