Thursday, June 6, 2013


Happy Birthday Jennifer
I don't even know if you read this. It actually doesn't really matter.
The thing that does matter is you gather your thoughts and get in touch with your mother.
You don't even have to telephone. A simple postcard with only the words, I am OK is sufficient.
I have no idea what you are trying to prove and to whom.
I just wish you would realize that you do have family that does love you very much.
Even if you are not ok, you can still contact me and I can drop everything and find you.
I do sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Think I Might Finally Know the Name of this Plant.

To enter our backyard, you go through this gate like structure and pass under this orange climbing plant.

Almost sounds like a bit from Dungeons and Dragons no?
Anyway, I was reading this blog over here, Chickens & Fine China, where it mentions this plant called a Honeysuckle.
Is that what this orange thing is?
I love it!
Two years later, I finally have an answer to one of the many questions involving this garden.
Thank you!
The Hummingbirds love this plant. One day I might even be able to capture one of those flying little acrobats on film.