Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was Awesome!

We had a great Hallowe'en. We didn't really do much. We just watched movies and drank, but it was in costume. So it was special.

We had ambiance lighting:

Even Rebel seemed to enjoy the flamage:

I was a very tall witch:

Hubby was a contemplating medieval ranger:

We were visited by a poor painted action figure:

Napoleon was the quite the host and made sure the guest was entertained:

Not the best pic of Napoleon, but he is very photo shy and almost impossible to photograph.

Here is a close up of my boots:

And the tights I wore under them:

While we were watching our horror-fest, I finished a hat for one of Hubby's students:

The student's name is Bara, hence "BaraCuda".

The young man is from Dubai and not adjusting very well to our Canadian climate.

This time change we just experienced is playing havoc with my internal clock. I hope you are all adjusting alright. I'm off to go mellow out so I can try to sleep tonight. This may prove difficult as I have ingested an abnormal amount of candy. Hope you all had a great Hallowe'en! :)