Monday, August 17, 2015


Have you tried Windows 10?
We just installed the version that was made available to Windows users about week ago.
I am still adjusting.
It does things automatically and constantly asks if I had logged in with a certain password on a certain site.
I understand it is a security feature. I just wish it would acknowledge my memory card from my camera so I can upload my pictures. Currently I have to preform dark rites in order to transfer my photographs.
There is also that new web browser, Edge. It works great for some sites, not so much for others. For example, through Edge I cannot upload photos onto blogger, but I can through Firefox.
I guess they still have some bugs to work through.

Do you remember when I told you about how I was going to enter my painting in the town fair?
Well, I came fifth! (out 6 participants)

I dropped and picked up my painting, but because of my work schedule, I was unable to actually visit the fair. I was able to send representatives. Hubs and Jacob were very kind to report back to me that the other paintings looked like paint-by-numbers.
I feel good about my efforts. I stepped out my comfort zone and put myself out there! Other people, strangers even, saw my work. This is a huge accomplishment for me.

I have also been knitting.
I completed my Coexist socks.

I have to be honest. I lost steam knitting these up. They are complete. I will wear them with pride, but I doubt if I will knit another pair.

To get over that little speed bump, I decided to do a bit of stash busting and knit up a pair ankle socks with yarn my Mother in law gave me.

Since I loved the Socks on a Plane pattern, I decided to improvise my own.

As well, we have chosen some very bright colours to knit a baby blanket.

This would bring us to part two of adjustments I have been making.
I am pregnant.
I am currently at week 6. So, everything is still really new and very much developing.
I googled what the baby would look like at this stage and the image really hit home. This is something that I never in a million years thought would happen to me and I am thrilled beyond words. There are some very serious life style changes happening right now. No alcohol, more calcium, more worrying and more caution. I want to give this child the best possible outcome available within my powers.

I am still very much in shock, but very happy. I am going to work my socks and catch up on Sense8 I wish you all a very good Monday!