Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Few Pairs of Mittens

I have finally completed written and charted patterns for a couple of mittens that I had designed.
My first one are my Super Hero Mittens.

My second pattern, I titled Tied with a Neat Little Bow.

Both of these patterns can be found through Ravelry.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mother Nature

I have been reading up on various herbs and plants that I could plant next season. I really enjoyed the fact, that for most of the meals I prepared, the herbs were straight from our garden. That is a really cool feeling.
On many of these sites, there are quotes listed about how we should respect our Earth and the lessons that are found within nature. Mother Nature for example trying to teach us of balance and harmony. I am wondering what sort of lesson we are currently experiencing. Last week it was -30. Over the weekend it was +5. Now we are experiencing some very light snowfall, coating all the objects we forgot to put away before winter was upon us.

I took this photo from the back deck. I have not been outside yet this morning. It is one of those lazy mornings where I stay in pj's because I work tonight. It helps trick my brain so I can start my sleep routine sometime this afternoon.

Everyone is in a lazy mood this morning. Even Jackie. She has taken position on the stairs.

From here, she has a good vantage point of all the goings on. It is especially more convenient for her to keep tabs of the cats. This is something I wholehearted support since my bowl of yarn has had to enter the witness protection system.

I keep changing its location to keep Reno guessing.

I have been working on a cardigan for myself.

Trying to keep pet hair off of clothing seems almost an impossible task. That person who invented the lint roller was a genius.

When you think about it, there are a lot of inventions that we have witnessed that at one point seemed impossible. I was watching something on television the other day that was explaining there will be a car available to drive itself. You can be sitting in your home, start the engine and have it drive up to your location, all without you leaving your seat on the couch. Hanna and Barbera were a head of their times.
I imagine when this sort of technology finally hits the streets, we will be quite shocked. Just think! There you are minding your own business and you see this car roll by without a driver. I can't wait to see this thing where I live. I don't think I'd be able to release any control of my vehicle and let a computer drive, but I would be willing to give it a try at least once.
Then again, what if this technology is already other there and that is why we are having all these wars. People just do not want to have all this advanced technology within the grasp of the common people. It would shift the balance of power for a lot of governing bodies and their countries.
Whatever transpires, I'm sure it will be on the stuff that science fiction is based.