Thursday, January 8, 2015

Everyone OK?

Did you survive the holidays?
Everyone in your household is accounted for?
We are all doing well over here.
Just a little be tired from all the celebrating but nothing a routine cannot remedy.
We get to start a new year.
How exciting.
A time to create new adventures, try new hobbies. Maybe we can make time to actually practice that hobby we said you were going to start last year. We have all these possibilities. I love it.

We drove to my parents for New Years. It went well. Everyone behaved. There was no judgement or condescension. It was actually enjoyable.
We managed to hook my step father on Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Jackie chased my mother around with her squeaky toy. Jackie is the owner of the squeaky toy, not my mother.
Little man showed my step father how to use his cell phone to take and send pictures to people.
The weather network was not turned on once!! That alone is a small victory.
Jackie even did very well during the six hour drive there and the six hour return trip. I think she was just really excited to have all the humans in the same location for an extended period of time.

Now we recover.

That blue monster is the squeaky toy in question.

With the holidaysover, I can show some of the presents I knitted for people.
Frosted Pine:

Wrapped in Bows. A knitting pattern that I designed for which I am currently working on the pattern. If only my Word program would cooperate.

Do you remember the wool that a friend mailed to me the other month?
Here are the finished products:
Estonian Leaf Cowl

A slouch toque for which I have forgotten the name and I am terribly sorry because I mailed the pattern back to the recipient for her records.....

It is a very simple pattern that knits up quickly.

Now that the stressful holiday knitting is over, I can knit whatever I want in whatever time I want to allot!
I have started with these socks:
Simple Skyp Socks

I like the braided look of the skyp stitch.

I am using Patons Kroy Socks yarn and am really enjoying it as it moves across the needles.
Reno likes it as well as he keeps trying to steal it when my head is turned

While I am being all crafty, Jackie has tried her paw to be crafty in her own right.
I am finding these little stickers everywhere.

I must have picked up a few dozen of these little sticker. Their original intent was for Little Man to mark special days on the calender.
Now Jackie has created a massive search game that has lasted a few days. I would like to know how they were placed on the ceiling....

Right now we are debating whether it is worth the effort to go for our morning walk. It is currently -25 C where we live.I just do not want anyone to freeze to the sidewalk. On the other hand, it will make us move faster and make for a calmer afternoon.

Whatever you all decide to do with this day, I hope you enjoy it!
See you later.