Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Another Day

Except for the extreme heat and cold.
After I finish working a string of night shifts, I like to have a few hours nap so I can just chill with the family like other daywalkers.
As we were getting ready to go outside and enjoy the warm weather with our coffee, we spot this:

This happened in the little wooded area behind our house. It could have been set by anything from a shard of glass or a bolt of lightning.
I am just very relieved that the fire department arrived in a timely manner. This was all taken care of in 30 minutes.

And this is the reason why we all experienced extreme cold.

Jacob was pretty traumatized by the whole ordeal. The screams that emerged from that bathroom could be compared with any scream queen from the horror movies.
How bad can it be, thought I.
Pretty effin bad.
That was the fastest shower in history.
Jo did not fair much better.
He only washed the parts his underwear covered.

It was not all fire and ice.
There was also some wonderful growth in the gardens.

I wonder why this tulip has such a stunted stem?

Before the storm hit I was able to plant my spinach in the planter box that Hubs had built.

I only used half of the space saving some place for the tomatoes I am hoping to find this week end.

I have also enjoyed working in my special room!
My painting is progressing nicely.

I also put a protective clear coat on some buttons that were crafted for me by hubs.

When they have completely dried, they will be sewn onto a cardigan I had completed some time ago.

That is about all I can remember at this time.
I hope you are all well.
Enjoy the week!