Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter is Here

We had our first snow fall the other day. Compared to other parts of the world, it barely snowed. I enjoyed looking at the photos of Buffalo. There is something magical, awe inspiring, terrifying and beautiful about Winter. It takes a strong person to like this season.
With the little snow we acquired, Little Man and Jackie had a great time outside. Especially Jackie as it was her first experience with snow.

I am very thankful I no longer live in a place that has the possibility of double lake snow effect.

I've found my drawing mojo. I was so inspired when Hubs took this pictures at work, it actually motivated me to sharpen my pencils.

This is my version:

I'm happy so far with my progress and I am looking forward to continuing.

I have also been knitting. I finished a pair of Socks on a Plane

I have also been speeding through a pair of mittens called Cabobble.

I just need to add thumbs.

A friend has requested I knit her friend a hat. I said ok as long the materials are sent my way.
This is the material I will be working with:

The tag says the colour is Crimson. I cannot tell if it is red or a dark pink to be honest. I do know that I am looking forward to this little project.

Well, it has been a busy day for us.
Jackie is starting to shut down,

and I am recovering from a cold that has knocked me on my butt.
We are going to settle in for some serious cuddle time and call it a day.
Have a good night everyone. :)