Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

I had a great week end. There was no stress or worries. My main goal was just to arrive at my parents' home and go from there. I am happy to say, I met my goal.
On the drive up I was thinking about how Easter was when we were small children. My sister and I would wake before the sun even showed a hint of an appearance and scavenge the house for chocolate. The dog normally beat us to the treats. Mom or Dad would hear us rustling about and shout, For the love of Pete get to bed it's not even three am in the morning yet! When the rest of the family woke, we would have breakfast and then get dressed for mass. We would be in matching pastel coloured dressed and have wide brim straw hats. Our Dad would stay home and watch Coronation Street and I would get sick to my stomach with the smell of Easter Lilies in the church.
Our Easter's have changed a lot since then. We do not have the need to attend church services. Just seems hypocritical. It's hard to watch the same people that sit in that building with you to nod along in agreement to the priest's sermon, then go out and continue along with the path that is complete opposite to what they just minutes agreed. I like what we do now. We have a great meal and just hang out.
The weather was unbelievable. We were in t-shirts and jeans! Spring/Summer clothing in the last week of March and first week of April. This is very rare for Canadians. I even have a farmer's tan! I love it.

Mom loved her socks:

Her birthday fell on the same week end as Easter this year. So we had cake as well:

I also tried to explain one of my favourite movies, Constantine to my parents. It didn't go very well.

It's not a movie for everyone. They were relieved when we put on the Toronto game.

The two gnomes moved my truck so we could change the spark plugs and distributor cap. They are what we call morning people. I was still in pjs when they decided around 07h00 to start things moving along.

She keeps that stereo awfully loud.

We've been spotted.

Awful dusty in there.

OK. Get the stuff.

I like this series. It's rather sequential.

So I am not competent to change spark plugs and distributor caps and rotor wheels and all that. I even know what they look like! It is awesome to have the truck start on the first try. My hands have some killer bruises on them. Some of the wires were really jammed in there. I reefed on one and when it finally came free, I had launched my hand into the back of the truck panel. My shoulder feels a little weird. We dropped a few things down through the engine that didn't quite make it to the ground. I didn't realize I was that flexible. I can surmise that we found all the items we dropped. When I drove home, I didn't hear any weird clanking or grinding sounds. All in all, job well done I say!

I'm at home now with the fuzzy children. They haven't stopped telling me about their week end. I'm sure it was filled with lots of poetic thought, planning and chaos. It's what they do best. It hurts too much to hold needles, so I'm going to draw and watch Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Enjoy the last of this long week end everyone. :)