Thursday, June 24, 2010

If You Don't Like the Weather.........

........wait 20 minutes.

I think one of our funny little quirks about being Canadian is our obsessive concern about the weather. The scarier the experience, the more we love it. Yesterday we all had a field day. First there was an earthquake, followed five hours later by tornadoes. It was awesome!

The earthquake began at the Ontario and Quebec border. The magnitude of the quake depending on the source was somewhere between 5.0 and 5.5. It was felt as far south as 300 miles from the epicentre in Chicago and Maine. Do you recall where you were in 1998? Apparently that was the last time we had experienced anything of that magnitude before. I think I had started my first year of university. Oooooh. Let's not go there. That was over 10 years ago. The quake only lasted 30 seconds, but it has given us enough to chat about for days. There were a lot of people returning to work from lunch asking if we felt that? I'm sad to say I missed out. Maybe I'm too grounded? Maybe I'm already too twitchy and just fail to notice when extra twitchiness is introduced? When I arrived home yesterday evening, Rebel and Napoleon seemed to have missed out on all the fun as well. They were still lying on their backs staring at the ceiling fan like it is the most interesting thing in the world since kibble.

As I settled into my evening routine of eating supper and watching CSI, a bulletin ran across the bottom of the screen reporting tornado damage in a trailer park. (Insert jokes here). That is a lot of excitement for a Canadian! If it had only snowed yesterday, it would have been epic.

Would you like to see the progress on my love seat?

I've had lots of help.

This is good bed making material.

This is not even.

I had completed the arms, but I am quickly tearing that apart. Mental note to self, stop sewing after third glass of rye. Stuff just doesn't go straight anymore.

I've also started another painting:

I believe I mentioned this before? The bonus about painting, you do not have to restrict your beverage consumption.
That's about all the little happenings in my little world for now. I hope you all had a great week.