Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In Which Reno Tries to Order a Pizza

You want to hear something funny and slightly horrifying?
Last night, about 22h30, I am finishing my coffee in the upstairs office while Jo is doing whatever he does on his computer.
I'm almost ready for work.
We hear a bunch of noise in the kitchen.
It sounds as if the cats are trying to get into the cupboards and do all sorts of very odd cat things.
We are not terribly worried because we had installed our new super cool security system.
I'm like, well I hope it is not too big a mess down there.
We finally survived the Cornflake situation.
So it goes quiet.
Then we hear the phone go on speaker.
Crap. I hate when they do that. They tend to leave the phone off the hook for long periods of time.
Then we hear, boop.
Then we hear a number being dialed.
I never seen Jo move so fast. I don't think he touched a single step on the way down.
As Jo was flying down the stairs, we hear the phone ring.
This is not good. This is really not good.
It only rang twice.
I'm laughing hysterically at this point, because who knew the cat knew how to use the telephone? I'm at a loss for words. That scary high pitch laugh is the only sound I'm able to make at this point.
Jo checks last number called.
It was his ex wife! Of all the people the cat could have called, why the ex wife. Of all the people.
So I'm looking at the phone when I get home from work.
That is some fancy foot work.
Those buttons he pushed, are no where near each other.

Don't be too mad Mom. I was just trying to order pizza.