Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lost a Needle, But.....

.............gained that bloody pager. :(

As you can see, I'm still knitting away on my Sunkist Cardigan. It is moving along rather quickly when I actually sit down to work on it. I get distracted easily by other projects I have on the go. My progress was still halted by the MIA knitting needle. I suspect it is somewhere between home and work. No matter. That is only a mere 20 minutes of travel time to cover.

Here is an update on my love seat:

It too is taking slightly longer than I expected. I have had a lot of input with every stage of the creation process.

Straight lines, even when actually following straight lines, is quite the challenge. I am really surprised little Napoleon hasn't been sewn into the sofa.

I have found it to be a bonus to have a bit of extra weight on the top of the cushion to compress it tightly into the case.

I have also worked a little bit on my painting.

This is only the bottom right hand corner. I have not really done too much of it because of all the rain we have had. I prefer to paint with sunlight. It makes it easier to see the colours. I have enough troubles with blues and greens. I do not need the extra challenge. :)

I shouldn't really complain about the pager. I have not had the joy of the little device for some time. I can suck it up and deal with the little bugger for a little while. Besides, I will be forced to stay close to home and actually finish something.

Before I forget............