Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearing Has Been Restored

Saturday was amazing!!! I went with some friends to go see The Headstones at the Sound Academy.

This is a group who has not played together since 2003 if I'm not mistaken. When a friend told me they were playing again, I knew I had to see them live. The last time was at Nickel Beach in Port Colborne. The only difference I could tell from their last performance was that they were sober and had a bit less hair. Other than that, they still rocked....loud....the ringing in my ears has finally stopped today. Bonus for the people I work with.

The crowd in attendance was all over the map. All age groups were covered. I love that at a show. Just means we can still rock with the younger crowd and usually surpass them :P. After all, we've had more practice. There was this one guy who you couldn't miss. He had a huge red mohawk. Every time you caught sight of him, he was missing another article clothing. It was like a twisted Where's Waldo game.

This is from the Sound Academy. It sort of gives you an idea of what the show was like:

This was such a great night. I hope you all enjoyed your week ends. I know I did!!!