Friday, October 12, 2007

Little bit upset :(

I have this addiction. Okay, another addiction. I love to play online games. Especially the ones on pogo. The current problem is: I can't seem to load the games. I can get to the point where you are in the community room. I can chat in the lobby. I can select a table. Then, that's all. The other window opens and then says loading game applet or whatever. It is such a disappointment. I have no idea if it is just me or perhaps the site. If anyone out there in cyber-land knows.....please help me. I would really appreciate any information at all.
On a slightly happier note. I found out my net connection was not right. There were some techie words here, but I can't for the life of me remember what the nice man said who helped me restore order on this device. He was very patient. Awesome guy!
The new am dispatcher they hired at work.....I have some doubts. He can't seem to get to work on time. I'm doing way too much. I have some control issues. My goal is to have him sufficiently trained in about a week. He doesn't seem to want to take part. He appears very overwhelmed. This is understandable. I just wish he would be more hands on. Okay.....I know that didn't sound right, but you get the idea. I have a sinking suspicion that I will be on the am shift a little longer than expected. At least I get home earlier.
My cold is very slowly going away. I still feel like my head weighs a ton, but it is a little better without the ongoing pain. Go neo-citron!!! I love this stuff. It helps that heavy head feeling go away.
I'm trying to begin a new knit project. I'm thinking one of the following:
something with beads; in the jewelry department perhaps.
a funky blanket; I want something a little different. Nothing too odd, just different.
perhaps a sweater for me; I knit for others it seems and fail to spend quality time on me.
maybe hubby's sweater; He has put in a request for a Mr Dressup type garment.
I'm not sure why he digs it, but who am I to question the man's taste.
Not sure what else to tell you all, so.....more cat pics.

When you are this cute, you can get away with almost anything. Key word: almost. I think they are pretending to sleep. You should have seen the chaos I came home to.

My creative assistant. I know he looks a little temperamental, but he really is a pleasure to work with.
I hope you all have great night. Take care of yourselves.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm A Little Icky

I am a bit under the weather. I have managed to catch a cold that has been circulating around work. I also shared this horrible state with hubby. Sorry hubby :(
On another sad note, tomorrow will be a lady I work with last day. She joined our office from a temp agency. I am sorry to see her leave. I have really enjoyed her working with me. She has a similar quirky sense of humour. As a going away gift, I knit her some long fingerless gloves. She was saying the other day how she would like some. I can totally understand why. You can hang meat in our office environment. No, I do not work in a butcher shop. Anyway, here are the gloves I made (or at least one). Do you know how tricky it is to snap a pic of your own arm? I took the pic from a lot of different angles. These were the ones I found not to be too odd:

This is my slayer pose.

I know. It's such a weird angle.

The yarn was super soft. Unfortunately, I don't know what kind it is. I inherited from my mom-in-law. I know it is some form of acrylic, but that is all I can you.
I also went last night to get my eyes checked. I knew my prescription was long overdue. I had no idea how much. They way she explained it to me was: I was at 2.25, now I am at 4.50. WOW!
I am blind, but only until next Wednesday. Then I get my cool new specs! When I finally acquire them, I will show you some specs.
My cold has got me down. I'm off to find more drugs. Take care all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would just like to wish you all and your family a happy Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for many things:
  1. My parents are currently in an RV. This means that they are not with me at the moment. (gives us all a little break ;) ). Actually, I am thankful they are doing this because this time last year, they were not able. They are both finally enjoying all that they have worked so hard for.
  2. My family and my friends. These people mean so much to me. They probably have no idea just how much, but still, without them, I would not be who I am today.
  3. That I have talents that I can share with so many. I love making people smile. It makes me smile.
  4. That I can laugh at myself. This means I am not being to serious and I am enjoying all around me.
  5. My cats. They are my children. They entertain me and make me feel better when I am not %100.
  6. That I have lots to eat and a roof over my head.
  7. That I have a job. I am healthy and able to work. I can contribute to my family and to society.
  8. That I am loved, I can love, and I will love.
I wish you all health and happiness. Enjoy your holidays.