Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Perhaps it's just me, but this week has particularly long. I was absolutely swamped at work. We are down on staff members due to illnesses and cheap travel accommodations to warmer places. I have been playing catch-up all week as a result. I think I should follow Rebel's lead and hide out until it all goes away.

On a more pleasant note:
  • It will be Friday in under a minute.

  • I have received a mail package that does not require payment to be made.

  • It was a scarf from the Traveling Scarf group on Ravelry!

  • I'm sleeping very well at night because I am actually tired.

  • I have started a scarf that I think will make someone very happy. That someone is me by the way. :)

  • My truck will be cured and have heat on Saturday!
  • I came across a web site that offers a cure to a very difficult week.

Has anyone else noticed that people have been exceedingly bizarre? I'm going to go now and do some research and see if a full moon is in order.
Hope all of your weeks are progressing a little more calmer than mine. Stay well everyone. :)