Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Successful Trip

I felt very ambitious tonight after I returned home from work. I received an email earlier in the week inviting me to an event where you can get a super cool discount for one of my favourite things in the entire world: YARN!!!!!
I was successful.
Earlier, when I had received the email, I was in no condition to go anywhere, no matter how cool. It hurt to breathe and I could feel my hair grow. I know. How attractive was I? Anyway, I have felt very much improved today. I called hubby. Told him: We are going shopping tonight. He was delighted. No. Really. He was delighted. Okay. That is not the word he would have chosen. I think he was just thrilled that his wife was on the mend and wouldn't be partaking in the zombie outfit worn throughout the better of the week.
When we arrived, I was so surprised. I had never seen so many knitters. Okay, that is an exaggeration. I was at a stitch and pitch over the summer. This was different though. These were women (and men) who lived in my town. I had only seen glimpses of knitters before, at the park, in the car killing time. This was neat.

Let me show what I bought:

The cute little bag was a bonus. I love to try to keep projects organized.

It has a tweedy look to it. I love the the yarn feels. It is Debbie Bliss, Donegal Chunky Tweed. Hence the tweedy look. Hehe, aren't I clever? The goal was to find manly colours. That is very tricky for me. That was another reason I needed hubby to accompany me. Another reason is because he is quite large in stature. I can use him as a shield to get from A to B. As an added bonus, he is very attractive. I can use him as diversion while I hunt out my objectives.
So here are my manly colours: a charcoaly black and a cream colour. Sorry best you will get out of me with regards to colour terms. I know the basic eight in a pack of Crayola's. That is my extent.

The pattern for the sweater is from this kick ass book:

Hubby has requested the Skully.

I hope it turns out as well he thinks it will.
The night is very young, so I am off to knit and watch horrible late night movies.
Take care everyone.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I still feel very icky. I strongly distaste being sick. It gets in the way of stuff. At the moment I have an even shorter attention span. I know! Who would have thought that was possible. I made it into work today. It was very tricky. These silly cough attacks make for a horrible obstacle.
I was reminded that our secret Santa at work is just around the corner. I have no idea whatsoever to get my secret bud. I need help.....please. It is a guy. A very simple guy. He does not like flashy or trendy or, well suffice it to say, he likes things the opposite to me. I truly want to find a neato gift. If anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly accept them.
I'm off to watch tele and try to finish a pair of mittens. Have a great night everyone.