Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sometimes, you just need a good cuddle. So far, it has been one of those weeks at work. People are little dramatic, little drama queens, etc. When I arrived home, I guess Rebel and Napoleon picked up on that and were on hand for a good quality "mom and the boys" time. I feel much better now.

I call this my June Cleaver look.

I have something to show you all:

TaDaaa. My Spiraling Coriolos socks are complete.

I have also worked on my Bordello Socks, not that the crisis of missing a dpn is over:
I think I know why those pesky needles go MIA.

I also picked up the yarn for the next two projects of my sock club:

I love these colours.

Napoleon approves!

We are going to settle in now and play King of the Castle

Rebel has no interest in being on the top. He has a little fear of heights.

I'm off to enjoy my family. Have a good night everyone.