Sunday, May 31, 2009

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things....

What a super cool Sunday. Last night (Saturday), I was on Ravelry (I know, big surprise :P), and in the forums was this post of a fiber festival. This peaked my interest. I saw that it was being held in Grimbsy, which is not very far from where we live. In that area are a lot of wineries. We have not been on a wine tour in quite some time. We are thinking perhaps when we were first married was the last time we did something along those lines. We decided to go for it. We set out early this afternoon. The weather was beautiful. It was a tad cooler than I would prefer, but we can't complain. There was not a dark cloud to be seen.

The fiber festival took place at a farm in Grimbsy called Silmaril Farms.

There was all sorts of things to capture your interest.
There were a few artisans and spinners,

Lots of adorable livestock.

Husband enjoyed petting a future skein.

I came home with a bright skein,

and a few cat toys which were greatly appreciated:

After we saw what we could of the festival we drove on in search of vineyards. Our first stop was Mountain Road Wine company in Beamsvile:">

Then we skipped down the road to Angel's Gate, also in Beamsville:

Not very far from there is Thirty Bench:

We also enjoyed our lunch at this point and just watched the scenery.

After we staved off hunger, we traveled to Jordan's Station and visited at Flat Rock Cellars:

Moving on, we drove through St. Catherine's.

At one particular intersection we came across this interesting piece of metal:

When we finally got our bearings, we found ourselves going towards Niagara on the Lake. I wanted to visit Coyote Run. I just like the sounds of the name. It was a bit trying to find.

When they say unimproved road,

they are not kidding:

I think I almost lost the truck in one of those holes.

Coyote Run has something that is quite interesting, two types of soil:

This might account for the variety of wine.

We also visited the only winery that just makes ice wine in this region.

I was getting a bit snacky once again and turned into this little market.

I couldn't resist the jams. They are another weakness of mine. I love toast and jam at any part of the day.

I had a wonderful day. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and discovered a few parts of southern Ontario that I had not yet visited. If any of you are interested, this site, Niagara Falls Online: Wineries in the Niagara Region, I found quite helpful in planning our day.
I'm off to enjoy our score. I'm a little sleepy. That was a lot of action for a Sunday. Have a good night everyone.