Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Growing and Sewing

These past few weeks have just flown by.
Even though I am still working while other lucky people are enjoying their holidays, I am having a great time.
It helps that I have a four day week end and my own holidays quickly approaching.
I finally finished sewing the drapery for Little Man's room.
He is over the moon excited about the darkness.
The sun has lately been making an appearance at 04h30.
These block out a lot of that glorious sunshine.

They also seem possess magical powers that entice the young man to clean his room.
He actually does have a floor.

The garden is also doing splendid!
These Lilies never had a chance last year because of my nemesis the Red Lily Eating Beetle.

I love the colours.

I'm pretty sure these might be weeds, but I like them.
So they stay!

I had thought that my Butterfly bush had perished due the harsh winter.
I was mistaken.

Same about our Honeysuckle as well. It had split right at the bottom and Hubs and I both thought it was doomed.
It is a hardy little thing!

Lastly, check out the tomato plants. They will tower over the fence soon.
The key ingredient is chicken poop.

As a celebration to a great week end, Little Man and I baked strawberry cupcakes with actual strawberries.

I believe there are four left.

Not much else really going on in our little world.
Just enjoying each day as it comes.
I hope you are well!
Enjoy the day.