Monday, May 23, 2016

Empty Nest

I have learned a lot about Robins these past two weeks.
They are very protective of their young.
They are very morning creatures that welcome the dawn.
They like their picture taken when looking fierce.
It takes about two weeks for a baby to go from egg to flight, as proven by the empty nest.

I know they were around the nest for a bit on Saturday. I could hear them communicating with each other.
I hope the little ones make it. They were such an exciting experience to learn from and watch.

It was a beautiful week end.
We all enjoyed being outside or as close to outside as was manageable.

My tomatoes have been planted and watered.

New things are popping up in the garden.

I also completed a Father's Day card to be mailed shortly.

I think the recipient is going to get a huge kick out of this.
I needed to do some research with regards to the cats.
I know they have cats.
I have seen evidence of their existence,
I just never seen them.
They like to hide when company visits.

After all is said and done, we relaxed on the patio and just enjoyed the quiet before the neighbours decided they needed to be do-it-yourselfers, making more noise than a person would think possible.