Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prep Work Underway

With Halloween quickly approaching, I've been sewing like a mad fiend.
We also found the perfect pumpkins!

Just a few finishing touches and we will be ready!
More pictures will follow!

Hockey season has also began. I've been knitting happily along to my Leafs trying to establish a decent win record.
I finished Hubs' slippers.

He has actually been wearing them as you can see in the photo!

I also completed a shawl for my Mother in Law.It is called Sun in Cold Water.

When she saw the shawl, the first thing she said was, she will show it to her girlfriends at her next breakfast get together.

Why is it worth the trouble to actually make something by hand?
The recipient who actually enjoys wearing and showing them off to other people.
You cannot buy that feeling.
If you are an artist, you constantly hear things like: but, I can buy that for a few bucks; they are not the same; is it supposed to be like that?
For me, an artist can be anyone who creates something. Everyone from a baker, painter, knitter, designer, chef and so forth.
The list of people that you would actually give something that poured your heart and soul into, is usually a short one.
The mere idea that someone who is a recipient of something you created, totally appreciates the efforts, is actually not very common.
There is not really a specific way for me to express the feelings I experience when I see someone wear or hang something that I created.
They understand how much time is involved. They realize that each stitch or brush stroke cannot be totally replicated.
That does my heart proud.

Last in my long list of works in progress is a pair of socks I am making for me.
Socks on a Plane.

We cannot always be working hard in the creative field. We need to get outside and explore.
Here is something Jackie and I found on our walk the other morning:

It had gotten quite cold over the night. The poor thing had frozen. So Jackie and I decided to bring the butterfly home to show everyone.
Unfortunately, someone got hungry during the day and ate it.

"The cat. It was the cat", says Jackie.

I suspect you are correct Jackie.
Reno does seem particularly hyper this morning.

"That's not true! I've been here the whole time!!!", says Reno.

Now I'm off for new adventures. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!