Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mistakes Were Made...

..but were they ever tasty mistakes!
Who knew that little bread maker could make so much?
I followed this recipe from Pies to Pasties for a pie crust,
and created this strawberry pie!

I had some left over dough and strawberries, so I made an attempt at cookies.

They look really messy.
They are very sticky.
They do taste awesome!

I had a day off yesterday so I painted.

This is watercolour on a card sheet.
It is a birthday card for my mother.
I think I am slowing starting to feel more comfortable with this medium.

I frogged my fingerless Winter Twilight Mitts.
I started fresh.
I just wasn't satisfied with how the stitches were evolving.

That's better!

Jackie and I went for a quick walk to the post office this morning.
We could not pass up this fresh spring feeling that is in the air.
We came back covered in mud, but it was worth it.
Now we are inside trying to find the missing pieces to her wonky bird.
I'm ahead a point.
I discovered the foot.

I hope you are all keeping well.
See you later.