Monday, December 23, 2013

Severe Ice Storm Warning in Effect

Sounds like a good time to celebrate someone's birthday.
From Southern Ontario to the Maritime's, a storm warning was issued. Lots of homes were and still are, without electricity. First we had a bit of snow, then rain, then freezing rain, then a drastic drop in temperatures.
This is the result:

Looks rather pretty doesn't it?
With everyone scrambling to get supplies like wood, food and water, we decided to make do with what we have and celebrate Little Man's birthday while we were at it!

All the ice makes for really good sledding conditions.

To warm up we made a Rice Krispie Christmas Train.

We used all the candy and frosting we could think of.

Since I work through the Christmas holidays, we had our little supper early.

This turkey experience is getting a little less stressful each I try.

For dessert, CAKE!!

Now I am decompressing.
Knitting away and watching a lot of episodes of Supernatural.
I hope wherever you are, you are warm, healthy and safe.
Merry Christmas everyone.