Saturday, January 18, 2014

On The Mend

We all succumbed to the flu bug that has been going around in our neck of the woods, even Reno.
The cure was to sleep as much as possible and keep drinking, beverage of your choice.
Who knew the human body could produce that much fluid?
I have to stock up on more facial tissue when I run my errands today.

Since going outside was out of the question, I began my marathon of Supernatural and made progress on quite a few projects.
I finished My Cup of Tea socks,

Made a fair dent in my knit a long mystery mittens,

Note all the sparkles! This should keep safe at night.

The yarn I ordered to make Hubs a sweater arrived,

So I began his V-Neck sweater.

It is actually a nice dark blue colour.

I even made muffins.

They are Cranberry Apple Breakfast muffins.
I used my food chopper and diced up a package of cranberries, 2 apples and followed the recipe I found on Allrecipes.
They may not be pretty but they must be good. Only about four remain.

Now it is time to tackle the day.
I should probably get dressed.
Not everyone needs to see my stylish Halloween jammies.