Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is a Familiar Sight!

..But the feelings are so much better.
Everywhere you turn at my place this is what you see:

Boxes absolutely everywhere!!

The cats are not amused by the obstacle course.

Rebel pretty much remains on the bed. Poor old guy. The path he could navigate before is now missing and replaced with more boxes. He is not a happy camper.

Rebel and Napoleon are definitely making this adventure interesting. Every time I try to place articles in a box, I have move 20-30 pounds of cat first. I'm trying very hard not to pack them in a box.

At least time I want to move. Well actually, I wanted to move this time last year but it wasn't on my own time. My actions were being governed by circumstances by which I was none too pleased. I have very high hopes for this move. It is just all the little things that causing slight hiccups. For instance, can I pack this now or will I need it in the next few days? Am I able to buy a loaf of bread without having to transport it six hours across the province? Did Rebel just throw up there? Did Napoleon abscond with the tape gun again? Little thoughts like these are making this week very interesting.

I'm off to purchase more packing tape and see if I can rustle up a few more boxes. Happy Sunday everyone!!!