Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas with the kids errr cats

Good afternoon everyone,
I return to the living. At the start of my holidays I was struck down with a very nasty cold. I was actually in bed for two days. I think the cats were worried. Hubby might have been too. I sort of remember a mirror being held under me.
When I came to, we celebrated Christmas. I have just a few pics to share:

Here are Rebel and Napoleon investigating what Santa brought them:

Napoleon really digs it!

The trips from the cat nip. This I believe the kids call crashing:

Rebel has a cute way of playing with his toys. He just likes to lick them. You can always tell which are his toys, they are missing bellies and colouring on the parts he "plays" with.

No holiday is complete without some knitting. Here is the progress on Hubby's skully sweater. It is just flying off the needles. This is the sleeve:

We also made the trek to Mom's.
This is her cat Sneakers. We however have nick named him the princess. He hates to be touched by anyone except my step dad. He can rub his fur the wrong way, turn him upside down, flip him around and still get purring sounds.
If come anywhere near Sneakers with good intentions, he freaks and goes for your eyes. I like to live on the edge. I pick him up and tussle his fur. hehehe <<< evil laughter.

This is Buddy, a.k.a. the psycho kitty. Mom's way of explaining Buddy is : He just likes to kill". Every time we visit them, we are greeted on the front steps with a line of carcasses. This past visit was wings of various shapes and sizes. Buddy was at it again.

The creatures that manage to escape Buddy, are quite chubby. I think Mom injects their feed with bacon fat. You should see their hummingbirds. They are the size of golf balls. Have you ever seen a bird need to take a breather from making the voyage from the hydro line to the feeder?
I hadn't either, until I go to Mom's.

My parents wanted bird seed for Christmas. This is their favourite thing to do:

I think they name all the creatures that visit them as well.

I couldn't wait to get home to my own bed. My own pillow. My own little apartment where I do not need to wear shorts to be comfy. I have my own tv without all the cnn and weather network programming. I can watch my movies without weird little interruptions like: I wonder where they found those shoes? What are they saying now? Do you want to eat bacon in the morning? What is the price of gas in Toronto?
I love those demented little gnomes to death, even if they do look like they just escaped from some one's garden. A weekend is just the right amount of time to visit. That is more than enough time for them to tell me my hair is too red; I'm much too thin (although I like hearing this one:)); I need to have more calcium; Do I always wear those pants like that? Are you changing the oil regularly in the truck? Do you shower this long at home?
I know they mean well. That is why I just nod in the appropriate places and hold my tongue. I am very happy to be home. This is where all my toys are.
I hope you are all well. Enjoy all the New Year's festivities.